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+48 years of experience in LIVING, BUSINESS and INVESTMENT real estate branch.

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OPTIN [ɔptiːn]
OPTimum (The best out of a number of possible options or outcomes)
INsistieren – (Stay consistent until the end)

OPTIN brings together three real estate specialists with more than 48 years of experience in the areas of RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL and INVESTMENT.
This ensures scientific knowledge and a broad network on the Austrian real estate market. OPTIN stands for optimal process design and consistent goal achievement. Since every service has its own particularities, the consulting process is designed according to the needs of the customer. The outcome is guidance at the highest standards.

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Latest news on the topic of real estate in the areas of LIVING, BUSINESS and INVESTMENT.

What our clients think about us.

Despite a tight time frame, Mr. Fenzl was able to achieve a very good and market-compliant result by creating a competitive negotiation environment.

Susanne Winterstein-Smith, BWIM

Over the past few years, we have repeatedly resorted to Felix Zekely's expertise with regard to real estate issues - we know him as a highly honest advisor, therefor his opinion has real value to us.

DI Heinz Zechner, Magenta

There are not many real estate professionals on the office market, with a similar network of tenants and landlords as Felix Zekely.

DI Christoph Stadlhuber SIGNA